Sites description

For CITIS, every plant and site has to be leader in efficiency on having the best people and the best technology on board as competitiveness is something CITIS fights for every day.

CITIS is organized around an industrial plant, four main storage sites, logistic basis in Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany) and its headquarter in Paris (Colombes-La Défense).
Therefore, CITIS invests in new generation equipment such as road tankers which are coupled to the latest trucks in  line with the known policy of full respect for the environment and lessening the footprint of CO2.


  • 3 liquid Sulphur owned designed storage tanks (Le Havre, Marseille and Dunkirk) with a total capacity > 8 000 t
  • 1 Sulphur forming plant in Dunkirk with a total capacity of 65 000 t / year
  • Logistics basis near all main refineries.


  • Office in Düsseldorf
  • Solid Sulphur distributor
  • Logistics basis in development near all main refineries.


  • Logistics basis near all main refineries.

Sites location

CITIS works with all main European petroleum companies as well as logistics partners: Van den Ijssel, GCA Group of companies…